Why Swim?

Transform Operational Technology (OT) Infrastructure into Intelligent Assets

There is a huge opportunity to improve production efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety through adoption of Industrial IOT (IIOT) technologies. But how? Enterprises can’t afford to forklift existing OT systems or risk production outages by handing control to unproven open source stacks running in 3rd party clouds. Nor can they afford to train new staff to build, deploy and manage complex new on-prem apps, sensors, networks, storage, and compute clusters. And they cannot risk a security breach.

What’s needed is an edge-based “plug & play” IIOT product that securely and affordably delivers the powerful benefits of “I” – Insights, Intelligence and Internet connectivity - to brown-field OT environments, without the complexity and cost of bandwidth, storage and cloud based processing, and without requiring new skill-sets or management frameworks. What’s needed is a product that quickly delivers insights directly to operators and enterprise ERP apps to facilitate fast decision making - without complex configuration, integration and testing.

Swim ESP™ was built to address this need: A powerful, affordable edge-based addition to sensor-rich industrial environments that transforms OT environments into intelligent, responsive, business-optimized resources using powerful edge machine learning. Swim ESP is designed to “plug and play” in existing industrial environments, where it autonomously weaves a resilient, secure, distributed fabric that delivers context-relevant insights precisely where and when they are needed. Swim consumes data on inexpensive devices at the network edge, intelligently transforming floods of low-value events into a manageable stream of learned insights and predictions that help operators and applications quickly respond.

Learn Everything

Swim ESP learns from its environment. Its goal is to learn powerful insights for timely delivery to OT operators, business executives and IT applications - with minimal configuration or ongoing management. Learning, for Swim, is as much about automated operation, maintenance, security and provisioning - to simplify adoption - as it is about discovering hidden insights in the flood of OT data that it processes.

Plug & Play

Swim ESP is designed to drop into operational environments and find its feet fast. The product requires minimal configuration – typically a few minutes – before diving into your data to hunt for unseen trends. Swim nodes need to know how to find each other and where to report data. They need to be told what protocols to listen on, and how to make API calls to business systems such as ERP platforms. Configuration is simple and can be done by OT staff. Then Swim takes over and does the rest. Crucially, if there is ever a problem with device hardware, it is straightforward to just swap in a new device, and let Swim figure out how to securely configure and provision it.

Real-time Edge Processing

Swim ESP automatically hunts for insights in the flood of real-time data generated by typical OT environments - a torrent of continuous data packets from sensors in production facilities, traffic data on roads, and sensors in smart utility networks that must be aggregated, analyzed, and reported on. Swim ESP identifies correlated data in your environment without configuration, consuming vast amounts of low-level event data on commodity devices, at the edge, saving you from the need to transmit, store and process it in the cloud.

Secure By Design

Swim aims to protect the enterprise from attacks from four critical vectors, by building verifiable security into the system by design. 

  • Swim ESP security starts with an immutable hardware root of trust to ensure that the system will always bootstrap into a known-good initial state. It also protects Swim from manual attacks by physical access, and it enables each Swim node to stamp a certificate of provenance on every piece of data so that applications can reason about end-to-end trusted data flows.

  • Swim introspects its own behavior and learns about its typical behavior so that any anomalies can be immediately reported

  • Swim stands as sentinel between the hazardous (and potentially compromised) OT environment, and enterprise IT systems. It learns and predicts the behavior of sensors and if they behave abnormally, can immediately alert and silence malicious inputs.

  • Similarly, Swim protects the OT environment from potential attacks from the IT domain and the internet.

Affordable Smarts at the Edge

Swim ESP embraces the acceleration of the price/performance curve in computing, delivering a real-time, edge-based solution that uses commodity devices to learn incomparable insights on the fly, avoiding the cost and complexity of cloud based transport, storage and processing. 

Domain Specific Insights

Swim ESP, which aims to revolutionize OT environments with a simple, resilient, secure and self-managing solution that automatically learns and predicts key performance indicators. Swim ESP is designed to add value fast, without extensive POC processes, and without disturbing operational environments. Swim ESP runs on commodity hardware, at the network edge, making IIOT projects cheap to pilot and affordable to scale solutions for:

Swim ESP: Powerful, affordable edge-based addition to sensor-rich industrial environments that transforms OT environments into intelligent, responsive resources.