Real-time Intelligence for the IOT Edge

Introducing Swim ESP for Industrial IOT, Smart Cities and Smart Grids

Learn Powerful Insights Automatically

Improve Production Efficiency and Safety, and Cut Costs

Swim ESP™ is a powerful edge-based IOT solution that applies powerful machine learning analytics to high volume data feeds from sensor-rich industrial and city environments to automatically discover powerful insights that can transform efficiency and performance, and maximize user benefits. It is designed to “plug and play” in brown-field manufacturing, city and utility environments to deliver revolutionary insights from the data sources you've got already.  

Swim ESP consumes floods of sensor data from devices at the network edge , intelligently transforming low-level events into a mangeable stream of automatically learned, real-time, context-relevant insights.  Swim edge nodes automatically figure out their deployment context and with minimal configuration learn powerful insights and deliver predictions that help operators and applications quickly respond.

Swim puts the "I" in "OT" - delivering powerful insights without new apps, and without a forklift.


Swim ESP: Intelligent IOT

  • Real-time, distributed and fault tolerant edge processing on commodity hardware

  • Automatically learns powerful domain specific insights

  • Plug & Play in brown- and green-field deployments

  • Secure by design

Swim ESP Solutions

Swim ESP for Smart Cities learns and predicts traffic patterns in cities and makes public transport predictable and on time.


Swim ESP for Smart Grids dynamically optimizes grid distribution & generation, and manages lighting in urban environments.


Swim ESP for Smart Logistics tracks tagged assets end-to-end, indoors and outdoors, to optimize worldwide supply chains.


Create Intelligent, Responsive, Business-Optized Resources

Transform Sensor-rich Industrial Environments


Swim ESP uses powerful, distributed edge-based machine learning algorithms to automatically figure out the deployment context and configuration of each node, and to dynamically identify and track application insights.  Swim transforms masses of low-value data into high-value insights, and predicts their future behavior. This enables operators to achieve previously impossible performance by responding quickly to observed or predicted resource availability at a fraction of the cost – filtering out noise, saving bandwidth, and avoiding unnecessary storage and cloud processing.


Edge learning delivers new insights fast, in context, enabling the infrastructure to dynamically adapt to changing conditions.  Swim embeds intelligence into the Operational Technology (OT) fabric, replacing centralized data storage and post-hoc cloud processing with embedded, local learning and real-time contextually relevant responses.

Create Intelligent, Responsive, Business-Optimized Resources, Transform Sensor-rich Industrial Environments with Swim ESP. Intelligent IOT at the edge.