Meet the Swim Team

Swim Inc. was founded in 2015, as SWIM.IT, by a team of experienced entrepreneurs looking to usher in the next generation of smart, learning-based applications at the IIOT edge. The rapid adoption of smart, connected edge infrastructure by cities and in industry has led to an explosion of data from sensors and connected infrastructure. Swim ESP, our flagship product, delivers rapid time-to-value in industrial settings by automatically identifying relevant data, and learning new insights in real time, with minimal configuration or management requirements. Swim has delivered powerful new insights to cities, manufacturing environments, utilities and other IIOT environments using a single platform that self-configures, self-trains, analyzes data and learns new insights - on the fly.

Swim ESP™ supercharges existing brown-field sensor rich environments, offering powerful learned insights at the edge, allowing operators and applications to respond in real time. Swim also catalyzes green-field IIOT projects, offering rich learned insights with minimal configuration, accelerating adoption, minimizing training and management, and ensuring security end-to-end, with guaranteed data provenance and a stack that is secure against physical attack and attacks from the cloud or the sensor domain.

Rusty Cumpston, CEO, Swim Inc.

Rusty Cumpston

Founder & CEO

Rao Arimilli, VP of Product, Swim Inc.

Rao Arimilli

Founder & VP of Product

Chris Sachs, Lead Architect, Swim Inc.

Chris Sachs

Founder & Lead Architect

Simon Crosby, CTO | Swim Inc.

Simon Crosby


Shaw Chuang, VP of Engineering | Swim Inc.

Shaw Chuang

VP of Engineering

Swim Inc. (formerly SWIM.IT) was founded in 2015, by a team of experienced entrepreneurs looking to usher in the next generation of smart, IIOT stream driven apps at the edge.