Embed Learning in Your  Infrastructure

Swim ESP™ transforms edge data environments into intelligent, responsive, business-optimized systems with powerful edge-based analytics and machine learning that is self training and self managing, delivering hidden insights in real-time. 

Swim ESP uses distributed learning at the edge - where floods of raw data originate.  It self-trains on your data then digs in to deliver high-value, contextual, business-relevant insights and predictions that help operators and applications to quickly respond. Swim complements cloud based learning by analyzing high-rate feeds of noisy data to deliver enriched inputs to cloud applications.

Swim ESP is a "plug and play" solution for green- or brown-field Industrial OT  environments.  It is self-configuring and adapts to its  its environment to automate operations, maintenance, and provisioning tasks, and is secured and patched by the Swim cloud.

Harness the power of machine learning at the edge with

 Swim ESP for Smart Logistics (Demo Video)